Kids and Dogs News Clip

I did this segment on May 20, 2010.  The producers did a nice job of including lots of footage from pre-filming at a client’s home with their kids and puppy and again from my Dogs and Babies class at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital.

The dog with me during the live in-studio interview is my dog, Betty.  It was a little funny to me that she is so good at her default when-in-doubt-lie-down behavior that she ended up a little hidden during the segment.  Too late, the camera person realized that the table should have been removed.  He did a good job moving around for a better angle, though.

The two points I emphasized for the casual viewing audience:

1) Beware the Curse of a Good Dog — explained here in an earlier post.

2) Ask the Dog — I’ll write more another time about the whole thing with kids meeting dogs but the main idea here is that children should not be the ones to “close the gap” and move into the dog’s space.  Think about it.  How often do you hear of a dog biting a child who is just standing calmly a few feet away?  Definitely, there needs to be more education about dog body language, but in the meantime, how about if kids learn that “Ask the Dog” means to just wait and see if the dog chooses to come over to them?


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